Thinking of Guyana, join us at CWS’ 5th Anniversary

CWS (Students Empowerment Session) at The Bishops’ High School on Give Back Tuesday.

cws_small_logo_mark_sqCWS will be celebrating its 5th anniversary of broadcasting the 1st week in July, 2017. The Anniversary, which consists of a series of activities, will be from Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 to Saturday, July 8th, 2017.

We chose Guyana as the destination for two reasons: to say thank you and honor our elders for their enormous sacrifices; and to show young people what is possible with an idea, commitment, passion, respect, and resourcefulness.
Conversations With Selwyn (CWS) is a weekly webTV broadcast, which airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm EST. CWS hosts conversations with people about their journeys and how they use their gifts and talents to empower and help others. To date we have an archive of life stories and rich experiences from which current and future generations can benefit.

Why Guyana, with all the challenges, and why such a tribute?

Over the years I have found deep personal meaning and connection with our elders recognizing that as I stand on their shoulders, it is imperative to show gratitude by saying thank you in honor and celebration of those who came before.

Their commitment and determination to ensure a better life for their children, obligate each of us to acknowledge their many sacrifices. Because of them, many of us have accomplished a lot and can stand tall and be respected in any environment today.

So I ask this, how can we celebrate any milestone without showing respect to those whose shoulders on which we stand? Further, how can we teach honor, respect or any life lessons to those who come after us when we do not honor and show respect to those who came before us?

We are hoping our celebration and acknowledgement of our elders can in some way, evoke sincere introspections, reconnecting each of us in a personal way to the importance of community and togetherness. As our nation prepares for the various changes: modernization and potential economic, political and social paradigm shifts that come with the flow of oil, we believe it is never more imperative that we find a way to coexist. Our elders once did, so we believe with commitment, and if each of us do her or his part, anything is possible.

CWS’ other reason for celebrating in Guyana is to say to our young people, it is possible to succeed when you have an idea, believe in yourself, is committed, have passion, respect and resourcefulness. Here is a platform built from the ground up with those tenets.

We intend to grow the CWS platform by encouraging young people to be part of the CWS experience because, we are committed to encouraging people, regardless of race, color, creed or nationality, to tell their stories. We are committed to providing a space where people can be their best selves as they share those stories. A commitment rooted in the desire to add to a digital archive of life stories, experiences, knowledge and wisdom from which current and future generations can benefit.


Tickets for Gala

cws_marriott_211_galaJoin us for our 5th Anniversary Celebration of Conversations With Selwyn (CWS) years of sharing and telling our stories. July 7 @ 7:00 pm

Where to Stay?

The Marriott Hotel

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The Pegasus Hotel

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El Dorado Inn

Room Types/Rates: Superior Room - US60 - Superior room with 1 queen size bed ( max 2 persons) [...]

Brandsville Hotel

Room Types/Rates US$85.00 inclusive of 16%VAT which includes complimentary breakfast. Brandsville Hotel Website

Cara Lodge

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Duke Lodge

Room Types/Rates USD 100 for Single Occupancy and 120 for Double Occupancy, exclusive of Breakfast and 16% Vat. [...]

Herdmanston Lodge

Room Types/Rates -$US112.00 (Balcony/Max. 2 guests) -$US104. 00 (Non Balcony/Max. 2 guests) -$US130.00 (Executive Suite/Max. 4 guests) -Rates [...]

Glimpse of Georgetown

Our team is working diligently to ensure the CWS 5th Anniversary is a success.  I cannot do this a lone, so I am grateful I can call on others to help make this vision a reality.